A Designer Turns His Passion for Mountaineering Into New Pursuits

Ramdane Touhami recently restyled a hotel in the Swiss Alps and opened a hiking supply store in Paris. He says they are only the beginning.

Have We Reached Peak Baby Name?

Tank? Afternoon? Flick? Orca?

They Noticed Each Other on a Train. Then Again, Six Days Later.

When Kana Abe and Jack Seemer got a second chance in the cafe car on St. Patrick?s Day, 2012, they recognized their good luck.

Crisis Averted: Martha?s Vineyard Will Have Enough Pot This Summer After All

For the island?s cannabis dispensaries, a sudden change in regulations came just in time.

Who Is a ?Rodent Man??

A new term has cropped up to describe the faces of certain Hollywood actors, prompting many conversations ? especially among the Styles team.

Now You Can Read the Classics With A.I.-Powered Expert Guides

Margaret Atwood and John Banville are among the authors who have sold their voices and commentary to an app that aims to bring canonical texts to life with the latest tech.

What?s Behind TikTok?s Beef With Chipotle?

A series of popular videos on the platform encourage users to protest the restaurant chain?s portion sizes by walking out without paying or filming workers.

On Long Drives and Sidelines, a Romance Blooms

Ally Moreo and Matthew Gutierrez met as student reporters. It was on a cross-country road trip that she knew she wanted to marry him.

A ?House of the Dragon? Party Without a Silvery Wig in Sight

At the Season 2 premiere of HBO?s ?Game of Thrones? prequel, the cast mingled over cocktails as early clips from the series suggested that ?war is coming.?

NOFX to Retire After Final Tour Without Ever Having Had a Job

The punk rock pioneers chose freedom ? and chaos ? over major labels. Pulling the plug while things are still working is one final act of rebellion.

Ralph Lauren Unveils Team USA?s Olympic Uniforms

Navy blazers for the win.

Togethxr?s ?Everyone Watches Women?s Sports? T-shirts Go Viral

A black-and-white shirt by the brand Togethxr has become the unofficial uniform of a breakthrough moment for women?s basketball.

Photos: Juneteenth Celebrations in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn

Fort Greene Park is the move, just as it has been since 2020. The Lay Out, a series of summer gatherings intended ?to center Black joy,? returned on Sunday.

Daniel Radcliffe, Pete Townshend and Sarah Paulson Party for the Tonys

Spirited celebrations that included an official after-party at Lincoln Center and a gathering at the Carlyle Hotel, where revelers broke out in show tunes, continued until nearly 5 a.m.

TikTok Introduces Ads With A.I.-Generated Avatars

Look closely. Is that a real person?

How Should I Dress to Move to a New City?

A reader who is moving cross-country wonders how to adapt his wardrobe without compromising his sense of style.

Tonys Red Carpet Looks: Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields and More

The event gave Broadway stars a chance to step out of their costumes and into outfits that showcased personal style.

Milan Fashion Week: Stop-and-Shop the Runways

If you?re just looking (but not buying), there?s pleasure in creating an imaginary wardrobe from the men?s wear catwalks at Gucci, Fendi, JW Anderson, Ralph Lauren and Tod?s.

?Brainrot?, la nueva aflicción de internet

Un término popular capta con humor y compasión la condición de estar totalmente plagado con las tendencias de internet.

Is It Storage or Art? If It?s Hard to Tell, You?re Doing It Right.

The best open storage adds personality to a room. Here?s how it?s done.

From Ferrari to the Frozen Food Aisle

Charles Leclerc, one of the rising stars of the Formula 1, now has an ice cream on the market.

5 Places to Visit for NYC Pride 2024

Check out the new Stonewall visitors? center, bask on a queer-friendly beach, see works by a pioneering lesbian photographer and revel in L.G.B.T.Q. history in every borough.

Red Carpet Looks From the 77th Annual Tony Awards

Broadway?s biggest stars made their grand entrance.

Olympics Dreams Die in June With Caitlin Clark and Others Not Qualifying

There will be no shortage of drama when the Paris Olympics begin in July, but most hearts will be broken in the cutthroat qualifying trials this month.

Why Are Tweens Buying Sol de Janeiro?s ?Visibly Firming? ?Bum Bum? Cream?

A scented lotion by the brand Sol de Janeiro is a hit among adolescents. Cue bafflement and concern from some adults.

Kate Middleton Wears White For Her Return to the Public Stage

The Princess of Wales made her first public appearance since coming forward with her cancer diagnosis.

R.O. Kwon?s Jade Rings

The rings, passed down by her mother, remind the author of the connection she has to her ancestors.

Dries Van Noten Says Goodbye

In an exclusive interview, the designer reveals why he is retiring, his fears and why fashion is ?an addiction.?

My Renter, My Friend

Looking out for a woman in trouble, from eight states away.

Sam Smith, With Guest Star Alicia Keys, Throws a Pride Party

The British singer selected Julius?, a Manhattan tavern with a storied past, as the place to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ?In the Lonely Hour.?

Fans of Charli XCX?s New Album Embrace ?Brat Summer?

Fans of the new Charli XCX album count themselves among them. But the term ?brat? has cropped up elsewhere in culture lately, and it has subtly different meanings.

Parisians on TikTok Plead: ?Don?t Come? to Paris for the Olympics

Parisians are using the social media app to vent their displeasure with hosting the Games ? and to send warnings to tourists.

In a Tiny Apartment in London, She Created Space in 260 Square Feet

For a tiny apartment in London, the solution was a shape-shifting bank of custom cabinetry built on a tight budget.

Katie Holmes?s A.P.C. Line Matches Her Practical Style

The actress, who lent her name to a new line by A.P.C., cares mostly about dressing practically.

How Donald J. Trump Is Appropriating the American Flag

In a visual age, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is making himself into the 51st star.

Where to Meet Other Single People in Real Life in NYC

Trade in an evening of swiping for a night (or day) out at one of these tried-and-true New York hotspots, where you can meet someone in person.

He Couldn?t Admit That He Was Hurt

Serving in Vietnam had turned my father into an angry man. So we went back together.

From the Start, Committed to Each Other ?in Sickness and in Health?

Shira Zilberstein and Emmanuel Cantor connected at a dinner celebrating Sukkot in 2021. Like every couple starting their lives together, they didn?t know yet what challenges lay ahead of them.

From Quinceañera Dance Partners to Life Partners

Dianna Mateos and Edgar Angel met over 10 years ago at a quinceañera. The two have grown together ever since.

A ?Soul-Mate? Connection Forged From Opposite Coasts

Tyler Eyre and Yasmin Khorram, whose family fled Iran four decades ago, describe the connection on their first date as ?like lightning.?

Are Running Clubs an Alternative to Dating Apps?

Inspired by one thirsty TikTok video after another, users are hoping to find their next romantic encounter at the finish line. Here?s what you should know before dating a runner.

Françoise Hardy, the Ultimate Symbol of ?French Girl? Style

The singer-songwriter, actress and fashion muse, who died this week, inspired obsession in her nonchalance.

?Brainrot? Is the New Online Affliction

A popular term captures the condition of being terminally online, with humor and pathos.

?Oddly Satisfying? Cow Pedicure Videos Are a Hit on TikTok

In one corner of the internet, professional trimmers grind and buff away at cow hooves to the delight of millions of spellbound social media users.

Do You Have Information About Miss USA or the Wider Pageant World?

The Times has been covering the turmoil inside Miss USA, but our reporters want to learn about the pageant world more broadly, too. We?re interested in your stories.

A Basket Maker Keeping Alive, and Reinventing, an Ancestral Craft

Mary Jackson, who is featured in museums like the Smithsonian, works in the fiber-arts tradition of the Gullah Geechee of coastal South Carolina.

Miss USA Implosion: Resignations and Accusations Plague the Organization

Accusations of racism, sexual harassment and rigging have plagued the organization in recent years, but no reigning titleholder has ever quit. Then Miss USA and Miss Teen USA resigned in the same week.

Living Out Loud Without Headphones Highlights a Public Etiquette Debate

Welcome to their conversation. (Or YouTube video. Or baseball game.) For people bothered by the liberal use of speakerphones, the public sphere can be a circle of hell.

Did Jerry West Inspire the NBA?s Logo? ?There Was Never Any Doubt.?

After decades of the league having avoided the issue, Commissioner Adam Silver said what most people knew all along: It is Jerry West in the league?s iconic logo.

Françoise Hardy: A Life in Photos

The French pop star pulled listeners close and always struck the perfect pose.

The Apollo Theater Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary With Usher, Babyface and More

More than 1,000 musicians, politicians and philanthropists gathered in Harlem on Tuesday night to celebrate the theater?s 90th anniversary.

Restaurant Near St. Louis Bars Patrons Under 30

Customers generally support Bliss Caribbean Restaurant?s ban on male customers under 35 and women under 30. But some legal experts say there may be a problem.

Why Did My Wife?s Sister Confess to Taking Her Clothes 50 Years Later?

Stung by the revelation that her sister frequently took her clothing without permission in their youth, a reader is baffled by the disclosure: Was it expressly to hurt?

West Wilson of ?Summer House? Discusses His First Taste of Infamy

When Mr. Wilson was accused on the reunion of misleading Ciara Miller, his castmate and former romantic interest, fan backlash was swift.

On Canal Street, A New Exhibition on Fake Designer Bags

A new exhibition that looks like a store is meant to draw attention to the prevalence of ?superfake? handbags.

Inside High Valley Books, the Fashion Bookstore in a Brooklyn Apartment

Bill Hall, the proprietor, has assembled a vast collection of hard-to-find fashion books and magazines coveted by designers and influencers.

The Miniature Secrets of Championship Rings

More diamonds isn?t enough. One jeweler is wowing sports teams with reversible faces and detachable compartments.

On TikTok, Goldendoodles Are People Trapped in Dog Bodies

TikTok is onto goldendoodles, the designer dog breed that is a cross between golden retriever and poodle, noting that they exhibit quite a few person-like qualities.

Robert De Niro Doesn?t Mind Being Celebrated

Blake Lively, Jude Law, Selma Blair and many more turned out for the Tribeca Film Festival?s annual artists dinner, ahead of a weekend devoted to Mr. De Niro?s work.

Tiny Love Stories: ?I Hated Myself Because of the Way I Looked?

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

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