Airlines, banks, casinos, package deliveries, and emergency services around the world are recovering today from what could be "the largest tech outage in history." the root cause was not a foreign agent but linked back to a software update issued by a u-s based cybersecurity firm called "Crowd Strike." Could this have been avoided?

In London, a mobile phone is stolen every 6 minutes. "If I steal your phone, I'm stealing a thousand dollars," says digital identity expert David Birch. But "If I can get into your bank account, I can steal $100,000. So that's what they really want." So there are important steps to take immediately - including turning off message preview.

"Human beings had a play-based childhood from time immemorial," says author Jonathan Haidt. What caused teen mental health decline is "between 2010 and 2015, phones, screens come sweeping in...The most important thing that parents can do is delay the age at which their child gets immersed in internet culture."

Grammy award-winning artist Ne-Yo joins CNN's Laura Coates to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the music industry.

Fareed hosts a spirited debate on the House bill that could lead to a US ban on TikTok, with the American Enterprise Institute's Kori Schake and Glen Gerstell, former general counsel for the National Security Agency. They discuss national-security risks the Chinese-owned app might pose given its many American users.

A new government report warns that advanced Artificial Intelligence systems could pose an "extinction-level threat" to humans, and that the US must intervene. "I think we should be mindful of it," says Ret. Admiral James Stavridis. But he adds, "there have been big inventions in the past - the printing press, electricity, the internet - all of these have been a decried for the possibility of nefarious activity."

CNN was at the inaugural event of one of the world's biggest tech shows, which casts a spotlight on the region's thriving startup ecosystem.

President and CEO of Computer & Communications Industry Association Matt Schruers joins The Lead.

Apple's Vision Pro headset is the first new product in seven years. CEO Tim Cook will have to prove that a device that blends both virtual and augmented reality, a technology that overlays virtual images on live video of the real world, is indeed the future of computing.

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to families over social media harms in contentious Senate hearing

Congress today is grilling the chief executives of several big tech companies, including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, about potential harms from their products on teens.

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope spotted life-giving water molecules in an exoplanet's atmosphere about 97 light-years away from Earth. The discovery about this planet, called GJ 9827d, can be significant for astronomers to help find other potential water-rich atmospheres in the galaxy.

What is catfishing and what can you do if you are catfished?

Catfishing is when a person uses false information and images to create a fake identity online with the intention to trick, harass, or scam another person. It often happens on social media or dating apps and websites as a tactic to form online relationships under false pretenses, sometimes to lure people into financial scams.

CEOs of Meta, X, Discord, TikTok and Snap testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Congress is grilling chief executives of several big tech companies about potential harms from their products on teens.

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates talks to Fareed about how AI can improve millions of people's lives through innovations in health care and education.

Sam Altman, whose company OpenAI is behind ChatGPT, joins Fareed to talk about the safety and utility of artificial intelligence, as well as the boardroom drama that briefly saw him dismissed as CEO.

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates speaks to Fareed about his plans to no longer be one of the world's richest people: "I'm getting myself to go down the list, and I'll be proud when I fall off altogether."

Talking to Fareed at Davos, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates reflects on his "monomaniacal" work ethic when he was younger ? and how he doesn't recommend it to others.

North Carolina became the fourth state to adopt the AI guidebook for its students. CNN 10's Coy Wire explains how this artificial intelligence guidebook can be helpful for both teachers and students in the classroom.

Meta announces new restrictions for teens on Facebook and Instagram. CNN's Meg Tirrell explains what these new changes are and why they're happening.

Meta announces new restrictions for teens on Facebook and Instagram. CNN's Meg Tirrell explains what these new changes are and why they're happening.

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